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     Welcome to the Nene Valley Circuit. 

    We are a group of 8 congregations that are part of the Methodist Church.
    We are situated in East Northamptonshire approximately 6 miles north of Northampton and 8 miles east of Kettering.
    Our circuit covers urban and rural areas, growing towns and small villages. 
    We come from many different walks of life. Some of us have been Christians for many years, others are just starting their journey with God. We are passionate about God and serving our communities. 
    We have activities, services and events for all ages and interests. 
    If you would like to get in touch, please use the contact details in the Staff and Stewards area. 
    We also have a Facebook page Nene Valley Methodist Circuit.

    As part of the Methodist Church, we centre our work and worship around the following. Check out the Our priorities tab to find out more.

    As from 31.12.2020 our churches will be closed to public worship and activities. This is due to Northamptonshire being placed into Tier 4 restrictions. 

    Our online worship continues. You are welcome to join us via Zoom at 9.30am for Contact - a fresh expression of church or 10.30am for worship. 

    Worship material will be available on our website under the weekly worship section. 

    If you would like to join us, please email Rev Lesley at lesleydinham@gmail.com or Rev Kim at rev@theshorleys.co.uk for login details. 

    Please be assured we are here should you need anything. 

    Why not try some of our online sessions? A chance to catch up with others, get some conversation and make new friends. All sessions are free and open to all. Please email nvmethodistypf@gmail.com for login details.

    You can also catch up on what's happening on our Facebook Page.

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    A New Year Pastoral Letter from Rev. Lesley.

    Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ 

    ‘In times such as these’

    I send my Greetings to you all in the name of our Incarnate God, hoping that you have 

    had a peace - filled Christmas and , despite it having been different this year, you’ve been 

    able to celebrate the coming of love into the world in the person of Jesus Chris t our Lord.  

    It’s been a while since I last wrote to you all.  I therefore thought the coming in  of 2021 

    the perfect time to be in touch with you once again.

    Looking back

    What a year it has been!  This time last year none of us knew what was to come and none 

    of us was prepared for what we would  have to deal with but, by the grace of God and 

    with the advice of those who have always had our best interests at heart, we’re doin g  all 

    we can  to manage the best we can through this terrible pandemic.  I’m sure there are 

    some amongst us who have already been immunised and will be looking forward to 

    having their booster; whilst others of us wait to be called.  I would mention at this point 

    the cost has been great.  We ’re only too well aware that thousands in this country and 

    millions across the world have lost loved ones and we pray that God will comfort all who 

    mourn  on  this,  the eve of the end of what has been , a very difficult year . 

    One thing we can celebrate is that for those of us who use the internet, w e now know 

    how to zoom and how to record for YouTube. All of us, whether we use the internet or 

    not,  have engaged in Worship in many different forms and will continue to do so for a 

    while yet. One of  the Circuit’s greatest accomplishments has been that we  managed to 

    open all our Churches with Risk Assessments in place.  I would like to thank all who have 

    been involved with this across the Circuit.  It’s not be en an easy task keeping up with 

    ever - changing guidance. Speaking of which, as we know only yesterday the situation 

    changed yet again.  We have now gone into Tier 4 and therefore, to keep everyone as 

    safe as possible, all our Churches must close with immed iate effect.  This means that 

    Circuit Worship will resume, until further notice, every Sunday morning on zoom at 


    As I’m sure you ’ re all aware, most of our meetings this past year have had to take place 

    online.  In some instances, this works and in others, it does not.  We will continue to 

    monitor this and where we can lessen our carbon footprint by meeting online then we 

    will endeavour to do that.  I’m grateful to you all for adhering to the guidance that we 

    keep our distance, even when we’re able to meet in Church.  It won’t be forever and we 

    pray sincerely that as the year goes on, we will be able to once again have the fellowship 

    that we so enjoy with one another .   

    Looking forward

    One casualty of COVID - 19, which I am sad to report, is that Rachael Newman, our Young 

    People and Family Worker will no longer be employed by the Circuit from the end of 

    February 2021.  She has done a marvellous job to diversify her role since coming back to 

    the Circuit in September from furlough. Therefore, on behalf of the Circuit , I take this

    opportunity of thanking Rachael for all that she has done and has tried to do in the year 

    that she has been in this role.

    So, what to look forward to in 2021 as the Nene Valley Circuit?  

    The first thing that comes to mind is that work on the building for Hope Methodist 

    Church has at last begun.  The builders have been very busy during November and early 

    December and it’s hoped that the work will be completed by the end of May 2021.  How 

    wonderful it’s going to be to open the building once again so that Hope Church can 

    continue and grow its mission in Higham Ferrers and Rushden.

    Another piece of good news regarding our buildings is that Earls Barton’s fire escape is 

    now complete and they are hop ing to  begin the alterations to the inside of their building 

    later in the year.

    With regard to the plans at Raunds , Rev’d Mike Langstaff has kindly offered to facilitate 

    the Church community in looking to what their mission is.  Rev’d Mike says: ‘We have to 

    have a mission plan before we try to spend cash on the building. So, through preaching, 

    emails, letters and conversations we are asking ourselves, ‘What is God calling us to be and 

    do here in Raunds?’

    As you  may remember, Rev’d Kim offered, and has been accepted by the Circuit Meeting ,

    to stay with us for a further five years . This year will see Rev’d Kim and Andrew move to 

    the Manse in Wellingborough . Rev’d Kim’s role will change a little in that she intends to 

    begin new work in the Wellingborough area which will not be connected with 

    Wellingborough Church but with the Circuit.  It’s exciting new work she feels called to do . 

    ​I’m sure you will join with me in wishing her well  in her endeavours to bring God’s 

    Kingdom in through different means other than traditional Church.  


    One thing we need to seriously begin to think about as a Circuit this year, is the call on us 

    to bring our Churches together under one Trusteeship.  The Charity Commission, to 

    whom all Connexion is answerable, ha s said that The Methodist Church needs to slim 

    down the number of Trusteeships it has within the Connexion.  Therefore, because we as 

    the Nene Valley Circuit are quite small compared to other Circuits , it seem s sensible to 

    bring  all  our Churches together under one Trusteeship.  This is something I’ m putting my 

    thoughts to at present and of course nothing can or will be done until we, as a Circuit,

    have discussed it and raised all queries regarding it, so that everyone, so far as we’re 

    able, understands why this has to be done and how it will work.  

    When I’ m able, it is my intention to visit all Churches across the Circuit to have 

    conversations with you concerning this but, because of the restrictions in place, this can’t 

    be done at  present.  This is a huge piece of work and will, in all likelihood, take a few 

    years to put in place but, I’ m sure, if done prayerfully and sensitively, will help pool our 

    resources, making the management of our administration, finance and buildings easier ,

    thus freeing each Society for mission in their home communities. This is not, I repeat not, 

    about closing buildings, but it is about cohesion as a Circuit.  

    So, as the year 2020 comes to an end and the year 2021 begins: May the Lord bless you 

    and keep you ; M ay the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you and 

    m ay the Lord look upon you with kindness and bring you peace.  

    Rev’d Lesley 

    Superintendent Minister



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