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    Nene Valley is a circuit of nine congregations in East Northants, south of Corby / Kettering and north of Northampton / Bedford.
    We are circuit 23/23 in the Northampton District of UK Methodism which means our churches are organically in connexion with all Methodist churches. But we are also cordially in partnership with others wherever possible. Indeed, our Hope church at Rushden/Higham Ferrers for some time met for worship in the Roman Catholic St Peter's Church Hall, though they moved (Nov 2016) into a new (albeit temporary) 'building' in Higham Ferrers. And one of our Wellingborough churches now meets in Park Junior School.
    We are a charity, Registered Number 1135896 which is just another of our numerical identifiers! But much more revealing of our faith and mission is the symbolism within our Methodist logo, the Red Orb and White Cross. 
    The meaning behind the logo you will find on the excellent website www.methodist.org.uk which gives a comprehensive introduction to Methodism. There you will find a huge menu of riches: details of our constitution and our mission, our beliefs and our office holders, and also links to what Methodists today are doing about the world's problems such as war,  climate change,  poverty, and migration.  
    We hope you will be able to find the local information you need about the Nene Valley Circuit by clicking on the titles above.


  • Late News

    15th June 2018 “A benefit system which drives families into debt and leaves people hungry is a failing benefit system” say Churches     (See Public Issues UK Political)


    Gaza – praying for peace              

    Rachel Lampard, Ex-Vice-President of the Methodist Conference and Leader of the Joint Public Issues Team (JPIT) was in Israel and Palestine a few days ago. Her thoughts:

    Today I held my Methodist prayer handbook alongside my newsfeed, and I almost wept.  Two weeks ago I was in Israel and Palestine, and as I prayed I pictured the people I met.With the killings of at least 60 Palestinians in Gaza yesterday, and the killing and wounding of many others over the past few weeks, and the deliberate forestalling of any final status peace negotiations with the opening of the new US embassy in Jerusalem, I prayed for Jews, Muslims and Christians in the Holy Land. I pray for peace, but sometimes the bright spots of peace look as if they will be overwhelmed.

    And so this day of all days I pray: “May true peace be found in the Holy Land, with Israelis and Palestinians understanding each other’s needs….For all who live in the Holy Lands of sacred scriptures, we pray.”

    (See Public Issues International for full article)



    24th April 2018    Universal Credit is driving people to food banks

    (See Public Issues UK Political)


    Church Action for Tax Justice

    Christian leaders united in the House of Lords on Tuesday 17 April to challenge government inactivity on tax justice reforms and to demand immediate tough action. Launching “Church Action for Tax Justice” (CAT), President-Designate of the Methodist Conference, the Revd Michaela A Youngson, joined Lords Rowan Williams and Richard Harries, Dame Margaret Hodge and Quaker Leader Paul Parker to demand an end to corporate tax evasion, greater transparency and a change to the negative narrative around tax.

    (See Public Issues Tax Justice)   

    News release 13 April 2018


    Prayer for Syria from the Revd Loraine N Mellor, President of the Methodist Conference, and Jill Baker, Vice-President of the Methodist Conference

    Compassionate God,

    Who cares for every created being, having even numbered the hairs on our heads,

    We pray now for each person in Syria.

    In these dark days, may decisions be made that honour the sanctity of life created by you;

    May wise and far-sighted counsel prevail that seeks the well-being of all humanity.

    Prince of Peace,

    We open our hearts to you and confess our willingness to seek easy responses that require others to pay a hard price;

    We open our reason to you and pledge our commitment to hear your words of compassion and peace.

    Lover of Concord,

    let your love shine through those who bring aid and solace in the land of Syria,

    Those who choose between violence and peace,

    Those who influence opinions in words and tweets.

    Creator God,

    Hear our cry and help us work together to seek peace and pursue it.


    Recent spate of murders in London affecting largely young people and inflicted through stabbings and gun crime.  See Public Issues (UK) for statement from London Chairs


    Violence on the Israel - Gaza border

    See Public Issues International for the statementfrom our President and Vice-president.




    Faith in Politics, an exciting new podcast series that features guests discussing topics from current affairs that link in with faith, has been launched by the Joint Public Issues Team (JPIT). 

    (See Public Issues National)




    Young People and Families Worker

    Mrs Rachel Lawrence has been appointed to this new role. She began her work with us and for us on June 4th.  Please pray for all involved in this important development in the Circuit.



    News Release from JPIT

    Churches call for support on treaty banning nuclear weapons

    (See Public Issues - National)


    Announced 1st Nov 2017:

    The TRUE ETHICAL REAL Living Wage Rate for the next 12 months is £8.75 per hour. Please ensure that anyone employed in any capacity by Methodism outside London is paid at least this figure.


    Alcohol minimum pricing

    The UK Supreme Court has ruled it legal for Scotland to introduce minimum unit pricing (MUP), a policy which targets harmful and hazardous alcohol consumption. JPIT, the Joint Pubic Issues Team, has published a briefing explaining minimum unit pricing, why it is necessary and calls upon individuals and churches to encourage England to follow Scotland’s example.  To read this see Public Issues National


    Nobel Peace Prize announced

    The Revd Loraine N Mellor and Jill Baker, the President and the Vice-President of the Methodist Conference, have congratulated the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) on being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize today. 

    The Revd Loraine N Mellor said: “Nuclear weapons are totally opposed to the love that God has for humankind. They represent a denial of hope, a challenge to community and a threat to peace. We live in a world of tension and it is becoming abundantly clear that nuclear weapons do not make us safer but are themselves a source of fear and dispute.”

    For statements and prayers on the problems in our world please see the Methodist UK website.






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